NTPC Aims to Achieve 16 GW Renewable Energy Capacity by FY26

NTPC, plans to establish a remarkable 16 GW renewable energy capacity by FY26. This article highlights NTPC's ambitious goals, implementation strategies, and the technological mix involved. With a focus on solar, wind, and hydro technologies, NTPC aims to contribute significantly to India's renewable energy landscape.

NTPC renewable energy capacity


State-run NTPC, through its subsidiaries NTPC Green Energy and NTPC Renewable Energy, has announced plans to establish a significant 16 gigawatt (GW) renewable energy capacity within the next three years. This ambitious endeavor was revealed during NTPC's Q4 FY23 earnings conference call held on 19th May 2023.

Targeted Capacity and Implementation:

The management expressed their goal of achieving approximately 16 GW of renewable energy capacity, subject to the pace of implementation. Over the course of three years, this would amount to around 4,000 MW to 5,000 MW annually. NTPC Green Energy and NTPC Renewable Energy will be responsible for executing this capacity expansion.

Tenders and Bilateral Tie-Ups:

The disclosed capacity expansion is based on tenders that have already been won, along with existing bilateral tie-ups. NTPC emphasized that the bilateral agreements in place with various entities solidify the implementation of this renewable energy capacity.

Breakdown of Capacity:

NTPC provided insights into the current status of its renewable energy capacity. With 3.3 GW already commissioned and 4.6 GW under execution, both power purchase agreements (PPAs) and construction contracts are in place. Additionally, there are plans for an additional 12.6 GW capacity, which includes successful bid wins, receipt of Letter of Awards, signed PPAs, joint venture agreements, term sheets, and consents. Collectively, these categories amount to approximately 12.6 GW, contributing to the overall target of 16 GW.

Technological Mix:

In terms of technology allocation, ground-mounted solar projects are expected to account for approximately 12 GW. Floating solar projects will make up about 1 GW, while wind energy is targeted at 3 GW to 4 GW. Furthermore, NTPC is exploring opportunities in small hydro projects.

NTPC renewable energy capacity


NTPC's strategic pursuit of a 16 GW renewable energy capacity within the next three years demonstrates its commitment to sustainable energy generation. By leveraging the expertise of NTPC Green Energy and NTPC Renewable Energy, the company aims to contribute significantly to India's renewable energy landscape while embracing a diverse mix of solar, wind, and hydro technologies.


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