Natural Energy News offers integrated advertising packages that can help you raise your profile, demonstrate your expertise and generate prospective sales leads. Our advertising opportunities suited to all our customers’ needs. Our daily/weekly newsletter and website are accessed by key decision-makers across the world – typical job titles include; Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, Technical Director, Procurement Director, R&D Director, Chief Engineer, Contract Manager, Director General, Engineering Director, General Manager, Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Traffic Manager and other senior purchasing personnel. This represents a highly targeted advertising opportunity for companies who wish to influence the key decision-makers within energy sectors.

Due to the pandemic situation across the world, industry events are being cancelled and travel restrictions being put upon both companies and individuals but reaching your audience at this time has never been more difficult. Natural Energy News can help you in reaching your audience and optimizing your marketing budget through our result-oriented marketing plans.

Advertising Options

  • - Digital Advertising (Website)
  • - E-mail Advertising (Newsletters)
  • - Content Advertising (Website & Newsletter)

Audience Statistics

Natural Energy News Website
- Monthly Hits: 1,25,000
- Monthly Pageviews: 5,00,000
- Daily Visitors: 7,000+
- Daily Pageviews: 15,000+
- Highest Pageviews (recorded in a day): 1,08,935

E-Newsletter Circulation

- Daily Newsletter Circulation: 8,000+
- Weekly Newsletter (Every Monday): 20,000+

Social Media Reach

- LinkedIn Page Followers: 800+
- Facebook Page Followers: 2,000+
- Key Profile Followers: 50,000+ (Facebook), 4,000+ (LinkedIn)
- Group Members: 78,500+ (LinkedIn), 1,48,000+ (Facebook)

Advertisement Spaces, Rates and Availability

Digital Ad Spaces (Website & Newsletter)
PlatformAd size (pixels)LocationRate (per month)Availability
Website728x90Home - Top Leaderboard₹10,000 ($250, €225)Available
Website650x165Home - Below Hot Posts₹8,500 ($250, €200)Available
Website300x500Home - Below Articles₹8,500 ($250, €200)Available
Website300x500Home - Sidebar/Top₹8,000 ($250, €225)Available
Website300x300Home - Sidebar/Middle₹7,500
($225, €200)
Website300x500Home - Sidebar/Bottom₹5,000 ($200, €175)Available

Content-Based Ad (Website)

PositionAd TypeRateWord Limit
Sponsored ArticleText+Infographics₹10,000
($225, €200)
($200, €175)
Event ReportText+Images₹7,500 ($200, €175)1500
Special AnnouncementText+Images₹5,000
($150, €100)

Annual Corporate Packages

Diamond₹100,000 ($2000, €1500)One Digital Banner at Top Leaderboard (728x90), One Digital Banner (Daily Newsletter), 6 Interviews/Sponsored Posts, Press Release/New Product Launch Coverage, etc.
Gold₹75,000 ($1500, €1000)One Digital Banner Homepage (650x165), One Digital Banner (Daily Newsletter), 4 Interviews/Sponsored Posts, Press Release/New Product Launch Coverage, etc.
Silver₹60,000 ($1000, €750)One Digital Banner at Home Page Side Bar (300x500), 3 Interviews/Sponsored Posts etc.

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