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Natural Energy News is a specialized, independent and global news provider media firm that engaged in the promotion of Government initiatives and private players’ roles towards the solution of Natural Energy challenges in various metropolitan and suburban cities across the world. Apart from publishing news updates, views and insights from the Oil & Gas Energy, Coal Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Hydro Energyallied industries, Natural Energy News offers high-quality branding solutions and strategic business consultancies for the engineering & energy-related industries.

The following are our leading and reliable information sources:-

Oil & Gas Energy Sector

Coal Energy Sector

Solar Energy Sector

Wind Energy Sector

Hydro Energy Sector

Ministry & Govt. Departments

Policy Makers & Planning Organisations

Research & Development Organisations

Allied Industries in Natural Energy Sectors

Key beneficiaries and supporters of Natural Energy News are-

Clean and Gereen Authorities

Renewable Energy of Central and State Governments

Ministry of Oil and Gas

Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas

Ministry of Natural Resources

Ministry of Solar Energy

Public Sector Undertakings

Contractors, Manufactures (OEMs) and Suppliers

Green Energy Planners and Consultants

Survey and Research Organisations

Technical Institute, Engineering Colleges & Universities

End users Public & Private Companies

Key Opinion Leaders, Like-minded people, and Energy Experts

Allied Industries in Renewable Energy Sectors

The Natural Transport News brings daily roundup on news stories, project updates, innovation & new technology development, government policies, business tie-ups, memorandum of understandings (MoUs), tender notices, corporate announcements, industry events, conferences, seminars & trade exhibitions, business and job opportunities from different energy sectors of India.

The creators of Natural Energy News portal belong from very high profile researchers, vast experienced journalists, news editors, energy reporters, researchers, green energy planners, and industry leaders.

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