Challenges to Plan for One of the World's Biggest Coal Mines in India

Challenges to Plan for One of the World's Biggest Coal Mines in India

Explore the challenges facing the plan for one of the world's biggest coal mines in India, as rising power demand drives the country's coal output. Protests from local residents, concerns over pollution and compensation, and efforts to address these issues are discussed. Stay informed about the potential implications for Coal India's growth and the future of coal mining in India.

Challenges to Plan for One of the World's Biggest Coal Mines in India; World's biggest coal mine

Rising Power Demand and Energy Security Drive India's Coal Output

India, driven by the escalating power demand and a focus on energy security, has intensified efforts to boost coal production, with coal accounting for approximately 70 percent of the country's electricity generation.

Protests Threaten Expansion of Gevra Mine, Potentially Impeding Coal India's Growth

Coal India Ltd. is currently engaged in discussions with residents who oppose the expansion of the Gevra mine, a project that would establish one of the largest coal mining operations globally.

The proposed plans for the Gevra site, located in the eastern province of Chhattisgarh, face significant protests that could complicate the company's ability to obtain approvals for expanding its annual capacity to 70 million tons. Should the expansion proceed, the Gevra mine would emerge as the foremost global source of the fossil fuel, as confirmed by Coal India.

Concerns Raised by Local Residents Complicate Approval Process

Residents residing near the Gevra mine area have voiced concerns regarding air pollution, the potential impact on groundwater levels, and the issue of compensation for acquired land. Deepak Sahu, the joint secretary for Korba district, where the mine is located, representing the Chhattisgarh Kisan Sabha, a farmers' union in the state, has highlighted these concerns.

A public hearing was conducted this week at the Gevra site, indicating the challenges faced by Coal India and its subsidiaries in scaling up operations, particularly in Chhattisgarh.

Measures Taken to Address Pollution and Compensation Issues

In response to the environmental concerns associated with the mining process, the company has implemented substantial measures to mitigate pollution. Furthermore, studies have indicated that there is no adverse impact on groundwater levels in the Korba district, according to a spokesperson from South Eastern Coalfields Ltd., the unit responsible for operating the Gevra mine, who communicated via phone.

To address the issue of compensation for land acquisition, the Coal India unit provided 700 job opportunities in exchange for land last year, marking the highest number of employment opportunities offered in a decade. Additionally, the financial compensation for land has been increased, as stated by the spokesperson.

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