Coal India Issues ₹117 Crore Tender for 23 MW Solar Plant in Chandrapur

New Delhi (Natural Energy news): Coal India subsidiary, The Central Mine Planning and Design Institute Limited (CMPDI), has announced a substantial tender for the development of a 23 MW grid-connected, ground-mounted solar power plant in Chandrapur, Maharashtra. This initiative is a significant step towards integrating renewable energy within the company’s operations.

Major Solar Project Announced

The CMPDI has invited online bids for the Design, Engineering, Supply, Construction, Erection, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning of the solar power plant in the Majri Area. The project, which boasts a 23 MW (AC) capacity and a minimum DC overload capacity of 40%, aims to enhance the company's renewable energy portfolio. Eligible bidders with a valid Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) are encouraged to participate in this substantial project.

Key Dates and Details

The submission deadline for the tender is July 3, 2024, at 5:00 PM, with the opening of bids scheduled for the following day, July 4, 2024, at 11:00 AM. The project's total contract period is set at 3922 days, which includes a 270-day construction phase covering all civil, structural, and electrical works, as well as the testing and commissioning of the plant. Following the construction, there will be an Operation and Maintenance (O&M) period lasting ten years (3652 days).

Project Cost and Financial Requirements

The estimated cost of the project is ₹1,17,16,02,181, inclusive of GST. Interested bidders are required to furnish an Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of ₹50 lakh. The successful bidder must commence work within 30 days of receiving the letter of acceptance or seven days after the site handover for the initial activity, whichever comes later. This financial commitment underlines the project's scale and the serious investment required to bring it to fruition.

Strategic Importance

This solar power plant is not just a step towards sustainable energy for Coal India but also a significant contribution to India's broader renewable energy goals. By investing in solar power, Coal India is aligning itself with global trends towards cleaner energy sources, reducing its carbon footprint, and enhancing its corporate social responsibility profile.

Construction and O&M Phases

The construction phase is comprehensive, encompassing all necessary civil, structural, and electrical works required to set up the solar power plant. This phase ensures that the plant will be fully operational and efficient upon completion. Following this, the ten-year Operation and Maintenance period will ensure the plant operates smoothly and efficiently, delivering consistent energy output.

Bid Submission and Evaluation

Potential bidders are encouraged to review the detailed requirements and specifications outlined in the tender document. The submission process is designed to ensure that only qualified and serious bidders participate, guaranteeing that the project will be executed by capable hands. The evaluation process will commence immediately after the bid opening, ensuring a swift transition from planning to execution.


Coal India’s ₹117 crore tender for a 23 MW solar plant in Chandrapur represents a significant milestone in its journey towards sustainable energy. The detailed planning, substantial financial investment, and long-term operational strategy highlight the project's importance. As the company moves forward with this initiative, it sets a precedent for integrating renewable energy solutions in the mining sector and beyond. This project not only supports the environment but also positions Coal India as a forward-thinking leader in energy innovation.

For more details, interested parties can view the full tender document available online.

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