EESL tenders for 279 MW solar power system in Maharashtra

EESL has tendered for commissioning of 279 MW (cumulative) solar system with capacities between 2 MW and 10 MW across Maharashtra.

Maharashtra (Natural Energy News): Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a joint venture of PSUs under the Ministry of Power, has issued a tender for commissioning of 279 MW (cumulative) Solar Power Generation Systems (SPGS) with capacities between 2 MW and 10 MW. Various locations across Maharashtra.

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India has received costs from the German state-owned development bank KfW to scale up the demand-side energy efficiency (sector) project, and a portion of this financing will apply to eligible payments under the contract for this invitation to bid. been issued.

The scope of work for the selected bidders will include design, engineering, supply, construction, construction, testing, commissioning of solar power generation systems. Developers will be required to provide comprehensive operation and maintenance services for solar plants upon successful commissioning.

The deadline for bidding is September 25, 2020, and a pre-bid meeting has been scheduled for September 11, 2020, to address concerns raised by potential bidders.

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The entire tender work is divided into 5 slots as given below:

To be eligible to participate in the bidding process, bidders must have an average annual turnover in the last three financial years:

For lot 1 - not less than Rs 71.93 crore

For lot 2 - not less than Rs 81.61 crore

For lot 3 - not less than Rs 71.93 crore

For lot 4 - not less than Rs 81.61 crore

For lot 5 - not less than Rs 78.84 crore

And, bidders are free to participate in any number, and accordingly, the combined average turnover for the lots charged by the bidder will be considered for valuation. for example. If a bidder bids under lot 1 and lot 2, the average annual turnover of the bidder should be Rs 153.54 crore.

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Additionally, bidders must successfully or evenly complete within the last seven years for the proposed contract, where the cumulative capacity of bidders' participation will be higher:

For lot 1 and lot 3 - 15.6 MW

For lot 2 and lot 4 - 17.7 MW

For lot 5 - 17.1 MW

Out of which at least one grid-tied ground-mounted solar project must have a capacity of 5 MW or more or 2 projects of capacity 4 MW or more or 3 projects of three or more capacity.

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