Duke Energy Florida Plans 224.3 MW Solar Projects

Duke Energy Florida (DEF) recorded the locations of its three new solar power plants, which would provide clean energy to the utility's customers, proposing 224.3 megawatts of new solar in the state. 

There are three solar projects:

The 74.5-MW Duet Solar Power Plant, which will be approximately 227,000 single-axis solar tracking panels on 520 acres in Manatee County.

The 74.9-megawatt Charlie Creek Solar Power Plant, which will be 235,000 single-axis solar tracking panels on 610 acres in Hardy County.

The 74.9-MW Archer Solar Power Plant will be tracking 220,000 single-axis solar panels on 630 acres in Alchua County.

During construction, each solar project is expected to generate about 200 to 300 temporary jobs.

DEF (Duke Energy Florida) will own and maintain all solar power plants and make this power plants to be finished before the end of 2021

DEF said that the plan to provide 700 MW of solar energy by 2020 will be fulfilled by Archer, Duet and Charlie Creek.

“Once commissioned, our solar power plants will eliminate approximately 3 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions every year. The sun shines here in Florida, and we are committed to investing more solar in the coming years. "

Duke Energy Florida currently has more than 500 megawatts of solar power under construction or in operation, except for these latest three projects. The company is investing an estimated $ 1 billion in Florida to build or acquire a total of 700 MW of solar power facilities from 2018 through 2022 and plans to reach approximately 1,700 MW of solar power generation over the next 10 years .

Image Source: DEF

Duke Energy Florida recently completed two other facilities:

DEF completed his Columbia Solar Power Plant of 74.9 MegaWatt with 245,000 panels in Columbia and has started his service on 17th March, 2020

DEF completed his DeBary Solar Power Plant of 74.5 MegaWatt with 300,000 panels in Volusia and has started his service on 14th May, 2020.

Duke Energy Florida is purchasing existing solar projects and DEF is using a competitive process to select solar contractors, solar panels and project material suppliers. The utility plans to invest in additional solar power plants, battery storage technology, shared solar, transport electrification and a modern power grid for its customer base.

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