Coal India supplies 22% to 32 MT in coal sector in April: Impact of Lockdown

The state-owned Coal India supply for power declined by 22 percent to 31.95 million tonnes in April, due to declining fuel demand in the country due to the Covid-19-induced lockdown.

The Ministry of Coal (CIL) had supplied 40.90 million tonnes (MT) in April 2019, the Ministry of Coal said in a report.

CIL, the world's largest coal producer, is a major supplier of dry fuel to the power sector in India.

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The report said that the coal supply of the state-owned Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) in the power sector also declined by 38.6 per cent to 2.86 MT in April, from 4.66 MT in the year-ago period.

Along with the power sector, a major consumer of dry fuel, due to declining fuel consumption amid lockdowns, CIL has shifted its focus to overburden removal - top soil and rock to take out the coal seam in its open cast. Removal process. Mines.

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An increase in overburden removal will help CIL to accelerate production, whenever demand rises and supply coal to its customers at short notice.

More than 95 percent of CIL's production comes from its 171 open cast mines.

In April 2020, over 114.43 million cubic meters of overburden was removed at it open cast mines, in comparison it was around 104.22 million cubic meters in 2019. Having the increase of 9.7 percent.

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A Central Electricity Authority (CEA) report stated that as of April 30, 2020, India had 50.89 metric tonnes of coal stock at power stations, enough to last 31 days.

CIL has a pit-head stock of about 76 MT as of 30 April.

PSU is in regular contact with its customers, particularly in the southern states, and is pursuing them to increase domestic coal intake as an alternative to imported coal.

CIL, which accounts for more than 80 per cent of domestic coal production, has one billion tonnes of production by 2023-24.

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