Procurement Begins for US$80mn Dominican Republic Hydro Project

Dominican Republic Kicks Off Major Hydro Project Tender

The Dominican Republic has initiated the procurement process for the La Gina multipurpose hydro project, an ambitious undertaking spearheaded by the state hydroelectric company Egehid. The project, estimated at 4.69 billion pesos (approximately US$80 million), is set to be constructed in the upper basin of the Bani river in Peravia province.

Procurement Begins for US$80mn Dominican Republic Hydro Project Natural Energy News

Addressing Irrigation and Water Supply Needs

Studies conducted by the University of Colorado have highlighted a significant deficit in the irrigation system of the Juan Caballero canal. This deficit, exacerbated by the operations of the Valdesia reservoir, has worsened with the expansion of agricultural land. The primary goal of the La Gina hydro project is to correct this imbalance, ensuring a more reliable irrigation system for the region.

Multiple Benefits

Beyond irrigation improvements, the La Gina project aims to bolster the region's water supply and electricity generation. Egehid points out that the transfer of water from the Nizao river, previously used for the Peravia province but now serving as a potable water source for the capital, Santo Domingo, has led to a water supply shortfall. The new hydro project will help address this issue, providing a much-needed boost to local water resources.

Project Details and Timeline

The La Gina hydro project will be developed under a 45-month contract. Interested parties must submit their offers by July 25, with the contract signing scheduled for October if the project is awarded. This timeline underscores the urgency and importance of the project in meeting the region's growing water and energy demands.

Egehid’s Commitment to Sustainable Development

Egehid's call for tenders reflects the company's commitment to sustainable development and resource management. By investing in the La Gina multipurpose hydro project, the Dominican Republic is taking a proactive step towards enhancing its water and energy infrastructure, ensuring long-term benefits for its agricultural sector and overall economic stability.

A Forward-Thinking Initiative

The La Gina hydro project is a forward-thinking initiative designed to address critical resource shortages while supporting sustainable development goals. As the Dominican Republic continues to expand its agricultural activities and urban infrastructure, projects like La Gina are essential in balancing resource allocation and environmental stewardship.


The commencement of the procurement process for the La Gina hydro project marks a significant milestone in the Dominican Republic's efforts to improve its irrigation systems, water supply, and energy production. With a clear focus on sustainable development, Egehid's initiative promises to deliver substantial benefits to the Peravia province and beyond, ensuring a more resilient and prosperous future.

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