Veolia Secures $320 Million Contract for World's Largest Solar-powered Desalination Plant

Abu Dhabi, UAE (Natural Energy News): Veolia, a global leader in water technology, has clinched a groundbreaking $320 million contract to spearhead the development of the Hassyan seawater desalination plant in Dubai, UAE. This initiative, commissioned by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and ACWA Power, signifies a monumental leap in sustainable water management.

Revolutionizing Desalination Technology

Situated in Dubai, the Hassyan plant is poised to become the world's second-largest desalination facility utilizing reverse osmosis (RO) technology. Notably, it will also claim the title of the largest desalination plant powered entirely by solar energy. Veolia's subsidiary SIDEM will play a pivotal role in engineering and supplying key technology for this ambitious project.

Enhancing Water Security

With a projected capacity of 818,000 cubic meters per day, the Hassyan plant aims to cater to the water needs of approximately two million people. Scheduled to commence operations in 2026, with full capacity expected by 2027, the plant represents a significant stride towards bolstering water security in the region amidst growing demand.

Unprecedented Energy Efficiency

A hallmark of the project lies in its unparalleled energy efficiency, boasting a remarkably low energy consumption rate of 2.9 kilowatt-hours per cubic meter. Leveraging SIDEM's expertise in large-scale desalination, the project sets a new standard for energy-efficient RO technology, marking a pivotal milestone in sustainable water management.

Environmental Stewardship

Veolia's commitment to environmental sustainability is evident throughout the project's lifecycle. Situated near the Jebel Ali Wetland Sanctuary, stringent measures have been implemented to minimize ecological impact, including careful construction planning to safeguard endangered turtle nesting sites. Additionally, the plant adheres rigorously to environmental regulations, ensuring responsible brine discharge practices.

Leadership in Ecological Transformation

Estelle Brachlianoff, CEO of Veolia, emphasized the company's pivotal role in driving ecological transformation globally. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship, Veolia continues to lead the charge in revolutionizing water management practices, setting new benchmarks for sustainability and efficiency.

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