GE Vernova Secures Record 2.4 GW Order for SunZia Wind Project

New York, U.S.A. (Natural Energy News): In a groundbreaking development, GE Vernova's Onshore Wind business has announced a monumental deal with Pattern Energy, solidifying a record 2.4 gigawatts (GW) order for the SunZia Wind project in New Mexico. Expected to be the largest wind project in the Western Hemisphere, this collaboration underscores the companies' commitment to driving renewable energy advancements.

The deal, marking the largest single onshore wind turbine order ever received by GE Vernova, includes the supply of 674 of GE's next-generation workhorse turbines, the 3.6-154 model. This substantial order is set to provide over 2.4 GW of power generation upon completion, contributing significantly to SunZia Wind's total project size of more than 3.5 GW.

Upon completion, the SunZia Wind project will elevate GE Vernova's installed base with Pattern Energy in North America to an impressive 4.3 GW. The order, received in the fourth quarter of 2023, emphasizes the scale and magnitude of GE Vernova's involvement in advancing onshore wind capabilities.

The 3.6-154 turbine, designed specifically for the U.S. market, is a testament to GE Vernova's commitment to the energy transition. With optimized size, logistical efficiency, and cutting-edge technology, the turbine aims to deliver the highest efficiency in the market. This strategic move aligns with GE Vernova's workhorse strategy, emphasizing large quantities at scale for enhanced quality and reliability across the fleet.

GE Vernova and Pattern Energy's collaboration on SunZia spans 18 months, focusing on collaborative development and supply chain optimization. The 3.6-154 turbine, the most tested and validated in GE's history, incorporates recent innovations in turbine and blade design, including the digital blade certificate and AI-trained blade manufacturing processes.

A crucial aspect of this deal is GE Vernova's emphasis on revitalizing American manufacturing. Nacelles and towers for the 674 turbines will be domestically produced, creating thousands of new jobs in manufacturing and construction. This aligns with GE Vernova's commitment to take full advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) to bolster American manufacturing.

Mega projects like SunZia, coupled with the IRA, enable continued investments in wind technology, domestic manufacturing, and product quality. These strategic investments play a pivotal role in supporting the country's efforts to decarbonize the electric grid and achieve climate change goals.

In addition to the turbine supply, GE Vernova provided Pattern Energy with high-tech consulting services and financial services, contributing to the successful launch of this remarkable wind turbine mega deal.

The SunZia Wind project stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of GE Vernova and Pattern Energy in driving the renewable energy revolution, powering the path toward a sustainable and greener future.

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