Sesame Solar and Watergen Collaborate on Mobile Nanogrids for Power and Drinking Water

Carolina, United States (Natural Energy News): In a pioneering partnership, Sesame Solar, based in Jackson, Michigan, and Watergen from Israel have joined forces to develop a groundbreaking solution that combines renewable energy and access to drinking water. This innovative collaboration is set to revolutionize various sectors, from emergency response to entertainment.

Natural Energy News; Sesame Solar and Watergen Collaborate on Mobile Nanogrids for Power and Drinking Water

Sesame Solar specializes in creating mobile nanogrids capable of generating off-grid power within just 15 minutes. These nanogrids utilize a combination of solar energy, green hydrogen, and battery storage to ensure a continuous power supply.

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The heart of the nanogrid system comprises a retractable solar array that charges a battery system, producing green hydrogen through the process of electrolysis. Notably, the hydrogen production system requires deionized water, a requirement that Sesame addresses by maintaining a readily available supply during deployments.

However, the game-changing aspect of this partnership lies in the collaboration with Watergen. Watergen is renowned for its atmospheric water generators, which extract H2O from the humidity in the air, purify it to meet drinking water standards, and house its U.S. headquarters in North Carolina.

By merging their technologies, Sesame Solar and Watergen have devised a system that ensures a constant supply of deionized water for green hydrogen production. This advancement bolsters Sesame Solar's off-grid capabilities, creating a dynamic and self-sustaining energy solution.

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Lauren Flanagan, Cofounder, and CEO of Sesame Solar, highlights the uniqueness of this approach, emphasizing that the ability to generate water on-demand, produce hydrogen gas as needed, and serve as a backup power source for batteries in less-than-ideal solar conditions is a novel and invaluable achievement.

Steve Elbaz, CEO of Watergen, underlines the significance of this collaboration, particularly in mobile and off-grid environments. He notes that the partnership promotes sustainability by providing a reliable source of clean water for drinking and renewable energy production, which is especially crucial for emergency response teams.

Sesame Solar's mobile nanogrids have a track record of deployment in various critical situations, including disaster recovery efforts during events like Hurricane Ian in 2022, Hurricane Ida in 2021, and Hurricane Maria in 2017. They have also played vital roles in responding to wildfires in California and tornadoes and floods across the United States.

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Notable organizations that have utilized these nanogrids include the U.S. Air Force, Comcast, Cox Communications, Santa Barbara County, and the Ministry of Public Health for Dominica. Investors include major names like Morgan Stanley, BELLE Capital, PAX Angels, and VSC Ventures.

Flanagan emphasizes that the primary concept behind Sesame Solar's mobile nanogrids is to provide energy-independent solutions for a range of markets, offering power without the need for traditional diesel or gas-fueled generators.

The Sesame Solar-Watergen system demonstrates remarkable capabilities. It can generate enough power to illuminate six average-sized homes and produce over 50 gallons of drinking water per day, depending on the specific requirements.

As this collaboration gains momentum, Sesame Solar plans to integrate Watergen solutions into all its future nanogrid units. Demonstration units are expected to hit the road in California this month.

Given the increasing frequency of extreme weather events disrupting power supplies, the demand for mobile power solutions like those offered by Sesame Solar and Watergen is experiencing exponential growth. These innovations have the potential to not only enhance emergency response capabilities but also provide sustainable energy solutions in various contexts, ultimately contributing to a more resilient and environmentally friendly future.

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