Tender for 6.4 GW solar projects from Andhra Pradesh, overbought by 8.5 GW

Adani, Torrent Power and NTPC, and two others bid for a total capacity of 14.9 GW.

Andhra Pradesh (Natural Energy News): Tender for 6.4 GW solar projects from Andhra Pradesh, overbought by 8.5 GW

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Andhra Pradesh Green Energy Corporation (APGECL) tender has been controlled by 8.5 GW to develop 6.4 GW of solar power projects.

The state agency received bids for 14.9 GW of solar projects from five bidders - Shri Sai, Adani Group, Torrent Power, NTPC and HES-SSISPL. Adani had, according to sources, bid for the entire tender capacity of 6.4 GW.

APGECL floated a tender in the first week of December to set up 6.4 GW solar projects at ten locations in the state.

Ahe state has invited 12.9 GW solar tenders by December 2020.

The selected bidders are expected to set up 1,200 MW solar projects at Akbadur, 400 MW at Chakraipet, Kambaldeen, Pendilmari, Rudrasamudram, CS Puram, Uruchuvala, Mudigubba and Kollimigundla and 400 MW at Thondur.

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The tender is part of the state government's program to develop 10 GW of solar projects to provide nine hours of free electricity to farmers. The program was originally proposed in February and approved in June.

To make this tender attractive, the state government has exempted the stamp duty and reduced the registration fee of the land for development of solar projects to 0.01 1 ($ 0.01) for every fee of 1,000 ($ 13.37) of the value of the document on the land projects. 3) has done. APGECL with landlords. The tenure of power purchase agreement is extended to 30 years from the specific 25 years prescribed in other tenders.

APGECL was formed as a 100% subsidiary of Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Company (APGENCO) to implement this project. The program was announced in February 2020.

Andhra Pradesh has 3.7 GW of large-scale solar projects, with about 1.3 GW of projects in various stages of development.

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Recently, the National Solar Energy Federation of India wrote a letter to APGECL asking to extend the deadline for submission of bids for its 6.4 GW tender for three months. It said the pre-bid meeting was held only on 14 December, and bidders are yet to find time to bid to understand the technical aspects of the proposed projects.

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