Andhra Pradesh issues tender for 6.4 GW of solar power projects for the farmers of the state

The last date for submission of bids is December 28, 2020.

Andhra Pradesh (Natural Energy News): Andhra Pradesh Green Energy Corporation Limited (APGECL) has invited bids to develop 6.4 GW of solar power projects at ten locations in the state.

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The total capacity of 6.4 GW includes 600 MW at Chakraipet, 400 MW at Thondur, 600 MW at Kambaldeen, 600 MW at Pendilmari, 600 MW at Rudrasamudram, 600 MW at CS Puram, 600 MW at Uruchinatla, 600 MW at Ambudur, 600 MW Will be MW at Mudigubba and 600 MW at Kolimigundala.

In February this year, the Andhra Pradesh government announced that it plans to develop 10 GW of solar power projects as a permanent solution to supply free electricity to farmers in the state. The state government decided to form APGECL to install 10 GW of solar projects to ensure nine hours of free power supply to the agriculture sector on a permanent basis. The program was first announced in February 2020.

Interested bidders will have to deposit D 150,000 (~ $ 2,029) / MW as earnest money deposit (EMD). The deadline for submission of bids is December 28, 2020, and bids will be inaugurated on January 07, 2021.

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According to the tender documents, the bidder should submit a single bid for a minimum capacity of 300 MW excluding the 400 MW project and in multiples of 300 MW up to the total capacity. For each project, the minimum project capacity will be 300 MW. Basic customs duty (BCD) and security charges will be increased by 55 0.0055 (~ $ 0.00007 / kWh) for every / 100,000 (~ $ 1,353) / MW occurring after e-reverse auction (after e-reverse auction) . An amendment to the PPA will be signed to this effect.

According to the tender document, the developer will have the option to develop 50% of the capacity quoted by the bidder under the Greenshoe option within six months from the date of issue of the award letter.

The capacity utilization factor (CUF) for the project will stay unaffected for the whole period of the power purchase agreement (PPA). It will be the responsibility of the developer to install the number of solar panels and related equipment to achieve the required CUF. The developer must maintain the generation to achieve an annual CUF within 10% and -15% of the declared value until the end of ten years from the commission date, and then + 10% and -20% of the declared annual CUF within 30% By the end of the PPA period of years.

APGECL will purchase any additional generation over 10% of the CUF announced at a fixed tariff of 75% of the PPA tariff.

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To participate in the bidding process, the bidder must have experience in the solar and electricity sectors. The bidder should execute solar projects with a minimum of 25 MW in the last ten years. In the case of a consortium, at least one member of the consortium must have the said experience for the consortium to be technically qualified to participate in the bid.

Regarding the financial criteria, the total assets of the bidder should be at least (6 million (~ $ 81,194) / MW by the last day of the last financial year. The minimum annual turnover of the bidder during the previous financial year (4.14 Million (~ $ 56,091) / MW capacity. Internal resource generation capacity must be at least 8 830,000 ($ 11,231) / MW of quoted capacity, in the form of depreciation interest and tax (PBDIT) before profit.

India Solar Project Tracker, Andhra Pradesh currently has large scale 3.7 GW solar projects underway, while around 1.3 GW projects are in various stages of development.

Recently, the Andhra Pradesh government adopted the proposals suggested by APGECL to develop 10 GW of solar power capacity to supply nine hours of free power to the agricultural sector. According to the suggestions, the tenure of PPA will be 30 years instead of 25 years, as the increase in tenure of PPA is expected to reduce the tariff in the bidding process.

India Solar Tender Tracker, Andhra Pradesh has so far invited 6.5 GW solar tenders.

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