SECI in search for proposals for green hydrogen plants

New Delhi (Natural Energy News): SECI, which regulates in India, wants to persuade proposals to construct a 'green hydrogen' plant that will use renewable energy sources, which two people aware of the development say. These manufacturers will generate hydrogen gas by dividing water into hydrogen and oxygen utilizing an electrolyzer that can be provided by wind power, solar power or hydropower.

Seen as the next era of fuel, hydrogen is emission-free and has three times more energy content per unit mass than petrol. It is increasingly seen as a preferred fuel source for transportation and storage. Hydrogen is also generated in electrolysis utilizing fossil fuels.

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“Hydrogen is the cleanest source of energy. The work is going on and the first expression of interest (EoI) will be called. Looking at the large clean energy program that we have, these hydrogen-generating units have to be installed by leveraging wind and solar power, as hydrogen production is a very energising procedure." a government official, one of the two people mentioned above said, on the situation of obscurity.

India is rapidly expanding clean energy capacity at low tariffs. In addition to reducing dependence on fossil fuels, these green hydrogen plants provide grid-scale storage solutions, solve problems related to power transmission and extraction for clean energy projects, and feedstock for ammonia production, the official said.

“Post Covid-19, Hydrogen has increased speed and has been given preference in green return or sustainable energy planning in Germany, Spain, Australia, China, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and the United States. The European Union recently released a hydrogen strategy for a climate-neutral Europe. President of India Smart Grid Forum, Reiji Kumar Pillai said, "India should consider hydrogen more seriously and have a green hydrogen strategy and road map on the fast track."

Given the importance that India has increasingly added clean energy capacity to lower tariffs. Clean energy projects are now one-fifth of India's installed power generation capacity. India now has 34.6GW of solar power and 38GW of wind power and wants to produce 100GW from wind power plants and 60GW from wind power plants by March 2022.

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Some experts say that hydrogen is a technique worth investing.

“Grid-scale energy storage technology is yet growing up and India wants to empower in various technologies until it appears as a clear champion. Hydrogen is a technology that is worth investing in, said Rajesh Iwaturi, power and utilities at EY India. Hydrogen production is energy-based, so we need to find alternatives to produce hydrogen through cheap solar-powered plants.

Questions sent to SECI and a spokesman for the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy remained unanswered on Friday

SECI's move comes amid India's deteriorating air quality levels. In addition, solar and wind power are sources of energy, with storage being the key to providing on-demand electricity. Ewaturi of EY said, "Hydrogen has many diverse uses - oil refining, steel production, transportation, etc. But perhaps the most interesting for India is its use for power storage." Peak demand "

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