SC says e-auction of Jharkhand coal mines is subject to its final orders

The Supreme Court refused to prevent the November 9 e-auction of coal mines in Jharkhand but clarified that any action by the middle would be subject to its final orders.

New Delhi (Natural Energy News): The Supreme Court refused to prevent the November 9 e-auction of coal mines in Jharkhand, but clarified that any action by the middle would be subject to its final orders.

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The apex court directed that whatever allocation could also be made would be provisional.

Chief Justice S.A. Bobde and Justice A.S. Bopanna and V. Ramasubramanian said: "In the meantime, any effort during this case which can be taken by the defendant is going to be subject to the orders of this court. The defendant (s) won't care to tell. Any The recipient of any advantage of nature is provisional within the sense that it'll be subject to orders which can be gone by this Court. "

A total of 38 coal mines are listed for e-auction, of which nine are located in Jharkhand. The e-auction was scheduled from November 2–9.

Attorney General K.K. Venugopal assured the court that within the meantime, no trees would be hampered and no mining would begin. His response was senior advocate Fali S. representing the govt of Jharkhand. On the question asked by Nariman that no tree should be cut within the meantime.

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Senior advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi, appearing for the Jharkhand government, also informed the apex court that the auction is within the final stages.

To this, the judge said: "We will pass the order. Please inform the recipients of the bid allocation that it's provisional."

The top court listed the case for further hearing on 8 December.

At the last hearing on Wednesday, the AG had vigorously argued that any stay of the auction during the first litigation of the Jharkhand government against the Centre's decision to auction coal blocks within the state would cripple the event process.

The Supreme Court had said that it wants to make sure that forests aren't destroyed thanks to mining because no value is imposed on them. The judge emphasized that the sole concern of the court is that resources shouldn't be exhausted forever.

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The apex court said that it's looking to line up an expert committee to assess the impact of mining in coal blocks near environmentally sensitive areas within the state.

The judge told the government lawyer and attorney general: "You don't impose value on the forest. you set it on wood. We don't want to prevent the event of the country anyway, but the forest is natural. Wealth, Which can't be erased either. "

The Jharkhand government challenged the method of economic coal mining, stating that it's an environmental impact, and is probably going to adversely affect tribal populations and its forests.

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