Coal India production growth is no longer in negative territory

Coal India (CIL), which is witnessing negative growth in production during this financial year, has been able to neutralize it for the first time.

NEW DELHI (Natural Energy News): Coal India Limited (CIL) has been able to witness negative growth in production during this financial year. To neutralize it for the first time. The production of 265.69 million tonnes (mt) recorded on 20 October has come to a level with the previous year's production on the same date.

Thanks to the catalytic role of Mahanadi Coalfields and Northern Coalfields, the company registered a marginal increase of 0.04 million tonnes, an increase of 71.7 million tonnes and 60 million tonnes by October 20 - 9.61 tonnes and 3.15 million tonnes respectively. - On a yearly basis, a CIL statement stated.

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CIL started registering strong growth in production and volatility from August and recorded the highest production and growth in September, recording 31.6% and 31.7% respectively. In October, CIL reported a 20% increase in output and outpaced 24.3%.

Now accelerating the production of coal will not be a problem, especially the rapid coal. An executive at the senior company said that over-load removal increased by 71% and 22.3% during September.

Production suffered an 11.6% growth rate and a 21.5% slowdown in the first quarter of the fiscal year. Given this massive setback, the company made a strong comeback on October 20, highlighting the negative trend in output.

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CIL decreased first-quarter growth and production increased by 10.6% and during the second quarter by 10%. The lifting of 287.19 million tonnes of coal till October 20 is 4.9% lower than the corresponding date of the previous financial year.

However, we are confident of removing the negative trend of coal fluctuations by November and developing from there, especially for thermal power plants and non-regulated sector customers to lift the increased volume of coal. are keen. A CIL spokesperson said that there was an increase in auction sales as well.

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