Approved treaty to improve oil, gas industry in Bahrain

BAHRAIN (Natural Energy News): The corporation will deliver turnkey generation outcomes intended for maximizing the return from marginal aids, as well as increasing generation from unusual reserves.

The treaty was authorized in the existence of Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Minister of Oil and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ASRY, and was compelled by ASEN Managing Director, Mezar Pea and Woodweer CEO Sam Kawa.

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The Minister greeted the signing of the treaty, which will provide to Bahrain providing solutions and services to improve the competitiveness of the oil and gas extraction procedure, enticing involvements that provide to the state's financial development and conception for 2030.

Sheikh Mohammed affirmed that the National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA) and its underlings were regulating under the instructions of HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, which pays great fame to the growth of the oil and gas sector. The latest recent policies in analysis and generation and advantage from worldwide creativity in this field through the proliferation.

He praised the close cooperation between Bahrain and the US in the oil and gas sector, supporting the Kingdom's efforts in all specialized fields in the important oil fields and continuing growth through American oil companies in light of the long experience of these companies And their advanced modern technological systems.

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He said that the joint venture between ASERE and Wood serve would gain further benefits for the oil and gas sector in Bahrain, bringing major tried and tested American technology, engineering and expertise to WOODSERV Bahrain

The new joint venture combines customization solutions to localize American technology and Bahrain's center of excellence with ASS'S local capabilities and Woodserve's pioneering expertise.

The minister said that both ASEY and Wood serve have worked hard to establish a joint venture to increase investment in providing training and employment opportunities for the citizens of Bahrain.

It also contributes to harmonizing the local capabilities and facilities of "ASRY" with WOODSERV's experience in bringing American technology and creative solutions, resulting in the establishment of a specialized service center in Bahrain that provides innovative solutions and oil Able to expand services. of the field.

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Woodservcio Sam Kava praised ASEY's outstanding capabilities and expertise and praised the company's significant role in providing high-quality services in specialized areas of shipbuilding and repair, helping the company achieve its aspirations for growth and prosperity Success achieved.

Kava noted that Wood serve aims to provide innovative energy solutions in collaboration with ASEY, with engineers with extensive experience in design, construction, operation and maintenance.

He emphasized that the company had invested in the University of Bahrain through the recruitment of graduate engineers from the University of Bahrain and provided training opportunities to gain direct experience in manufacturing, engineering and services in the US, which achieved high productivity Contributed.

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He said that the company has chosen Bahrain as its international headquarters as the state government provides ongoing support to various international companies.

Bahrain is considered a fertile ground for setting up many projects in various regions, he said, wishing the state success and prosperity under its leadership.

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