Department of Energy announced $ 33 million for natural gas pipeline retrofitting projects

Washington, D. C. (Natural Energy News): U.S. The Department of Energy today announced $ 33 million for 10 projects as part of the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) Rapid Encapsulation of Pipelines Avoiding Replacement Replacement (REPAIR) program. REPAIR teams will develop natural gas transmission pipeline retrofitting technology to rehabilitate existing cast iron and bare steel pipes by creating new, stronger pipes inside the old gas.

"Secretary of Energy Infrastructure Mark W. Menezes said," Enhancing America's energy infrastructure, especially for our abundant, reliable and inexpensive natural gas, is one of the highest priorities of this administration. “The US is now the world's largest producer of oil and natural gas, and natural gas exports have quadrupled since President Trump took office. To keep up with this growing industry, it is essential that we modernize and build the infrastructure safely and efficiently and bring this product to market.

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"Natural gas is an important energy source for 75 million American households and businesses," said Len Gnatowski, director of ARPA-E. "REPAIR teams will develop technology that enables gas utilities to update their distribution systems at a lower cost and continue to serve nationwide the need for commercial and residential gas distribution."

Selected REPAIR teams are developing smart coatings, robotic systems to line inside pipes, inspection equipment, tools to verify the integrity of pipes and to enable 3D rendering of pipes and adjacent underground infrastructure. Is mapping The technologies developed through these projects are working to extend the life of rehabilitated pipes to at least 50 years and ensure that they have sufficient physical properties to operate without dependence on external pipes, all Meeting utility and regulatory requirements for use in natural gas distribution pipes.

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Legacy pipes are still in use today and make up about 3% of the distribution pipes in use. These basic pipes account for a disproportionate number of leaks compared to modern infrastructure. REPAIR teams are developing technologies to address deficiencies, while also working to reduce costs by 10 to 20 times per mile.

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