Jubail Industrial Port (JIP) exports around 5.4million tonnes of petroleum goods in April 2020

King Fahad Industrial Port in Jubail has exported vast refined petroleum products and around 47 petrochemical materials in April, 2020.

On behalf of the statement provided on Monday by Saudi Port Authority, there were 5.4 million tonnes of export made and are carried through 152 vessels.

Export of Urea stood at 157,000 MT in April 2019, there was a total of 51% increase from the same period of a year ago.

In addition, diesel exports were recorded at 900,000 MT, and the export of fertilizers was reached tp 460,000 metric tonnes.

In relation to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, the South Ports Authority emphasized that king Fahad Port is operating at full capacity to conduct its navel, operations, and logistics operations according to the highest efficiency and quality standards.

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